Snapchat Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on snapchat?

snapchat screenshot

  • Open Snapchat in your mobile. If you want, experiment sending one to yourself.
  • Support the opened Snap touching the screen.
  • While you continue pressing the Snap, press the appropriate keys of your smartphone to capture the screen.
  • Return to your list of Snapchat. If you sent one snap to yourself, you will see that it says ” x minutes ago… capture of screen (1) “. It means that the one who sends is receiving a notification informing that the receiver is taking a capture of screen.

If you want to do this without the other person noticing and secretly save a snapchat picture on your phone:

Snapchat trick: BEFORE IT PASSES THE TIME OF THE SNAPCHAT, press consecutive twice the button of the beginning.

There are several app that can make the same, therefore if you have an compromised image do not send it or they will do snapchat sexting and snapchat leaked

snapchat leaked

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